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Time at a Glance — Book Review

If there was ever a challenging and amazing book to read, composer- teacher-theologian-writer, Kevin Courtright, wrote it.

Published in 2015, the sheer size of Time at a Glance, The Locus Crucis and the Key to Peace – Piece by Piece at 668 pages long gives the reader a massive amount of  content along a spiritual journey. The Preface comprises the book’s abstract with its many acknowledgements followed by  an Introduction describing the book layout with keys to its mysterious chapters, each reflecting a puzzle piece. Interwoven throughout the body of the book are music lyrics further adding dimension and complexity.

Ostensibly for context under The Problem of Sin section, Courtright describes the Masonic system, Trilateral Commission, and by inference, Council of Foreign Relations with reference to the New World Order, a demonstration of man’s longing to unite a chaotic world. Later, he devotes a subsection, Stargazers, on astrology and how it worked in pagan culture. Biblical doctrine and prophecy elements also work into his thematic patterns. Courtright also writes at some length examples of his theory of music composition. For example, in the Appendix the In The Beginning sonata comprises exposition, development, codas, recapitulations and related structure.

Courtright introduces us to his mysterious, senior church friend, Bruce Newmeyer, whose name, life details, and theological observations appear in various parts of the book. Central to Courtright is the book’s frequent references to the Locus Crucis and the number seven (7), described in the Appendix.

Time at a Glance is a fine example of personal, intellectual, and spiritual energy. Courtright sees the result as an “art expression,” and hopes to drive readers into a further study of the Holy Bible. Overall, the book serves as a roadmap for the esoteric and those  who might seek unconventional inspiration and information, available now on Amazon.

Communication power secrets revealed

Becca Keating

In 2013, Becca Keating asked me to edit content for a book she was writing, “The Secrets of Powerful Communication, Confronting the Bully Within.” I agreed and also offered my photography and graphic design skills.  Writing contributors, Wayne Hunt and Brelyn Frelot provided additional insights from law enforcement and teaching perspectives.

Following our photo shoot at the Miller Ranch in Agua Dulce, California, Becca selected one of my photos for the color cover (above).  After working several designs, we tried various layouts arriving at the final cover graphic, a non-trivial event requiring several dozen iterations. This included finding the right text font that would be strong enough to stand out against the medium, sky-blue color of the cover photo. I completed my edit for the 155-page book content which Becca had proofread for the final.

Aubrey Siebert and Becca Keating, from the book, "The Secrets of Powerful Communication."
Aubrey Siebert and Becca Keating, from the book, “The Secrets of Powerful Communication.”

Afterwards, I shot  the B&W interior photos in my then primitive photography studio. I suggested Los Angeles Writer/Producer/Actress Aubrey Siebert to model the convincing facial expressions and body language poses in the B&W photos, and Aubrey famously provided powerful imagery and some fun. As it turned out, the photo studio session helped catalyze the idea for the Design Studio Marketplace website.

The whole project took about six months, not including Becca’s writing time. Now she gets speaking and book signing engagements. Pretty smart!

From Becca’s bio:

“Early on in high school and college, Becca Keating learned the importance of connecting and communicating with people. Having dealt with bullies in the business, the political and community arena, Becca brings a fresh perspective that offers hope to every reader of her book.”

Client Becca Keating lives and works in the southern California area  An established businesswoman,  she is also a consultant, public speaker, and frequent radio talk show guest. For inquiries, or just to learn more about Becca, catch her on Facebook or her website at beccakeating.net.