At the invitation of a friend in 1985, I traveled to Southern California and met an authentic California girl. We married, prospered, and had a wonderful marriage that ended in 2004 after my wife’s illness. Retired, I’m active in my church and volunteer at two local teaching ministries. I also like supporting friends in their music and artistic endeavors and, lately, rediscover my art skills.”  – Christopher Allan Weaver, editor.

On March 18, 2019, Christopher joined the Santa Clarita Artists Association, attended a watercolor demo, and met with several members.

Paul M. Scott (left-to-right) teaches Christopher Weaver and Terri Welch Baksa about the color, space, and movement principles of non-objective art. Scott, (1910-1982) one of the founders of Montserrat School of Visual Art, Beverly, MA, was a  student of  famous German-born American abstract-expressionist painter, Hans Hoffman (1880–1966). 

Christopher graduated from Montserrat School of Visual Art (now Montserrat College of Art), in 1980.

Christopher’s working career includes 35 years in high tech using mostly editorial, photography, and graphic design skills.  He retired in 2011 as staff technical editor for California Institute of Technology, employed at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California for 18 years as both  staff editor and contractor.

  • B.A. degree in Organizational Management, The Master’s University, Newhall, California, 2006
  • A.S. degree in Technical Writing, North Shore Community College, Beverly, MA, 1985




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