Thumbtack: a new way to hire local services

I stumbled onto a pretty cool website today. Thumbtack can broaden your exposure as a business. Thumbtack is a national service that can help people connect their service to each other in their own communities, a great asset for small business.

Thumbtack services seem well categorized. For example, under General Contracting services there are some 37 sub-categories. Other main categories include Interior, Exterior, Lawn and Garden services for home, and even Wellness services. Thumbtack also supports teachers with Lessons — Academic, Recreational, and Occupational. Moreover, if you’re a small businessperson looking for an employee, you can post the job opportunity on Thumbtack. Other national Job boards will even pick up the post and display the opportunity. Worth checking it out.

Thumbtack has been featured in the New York Times, The Atlantic, Fortune, Esquire, Tech Crunch, and CNN.


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