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Renowned classical guitarist signs website contract

Christopher Parkening
Christopher Parkening

On April 2013, classical guitar virtuoso Christopher Parkening has commissioned me to revise his existing website with a new look and feel. The finished site,, completed in WordPress at end of September 2014. This legacy website is the product of months of collaborative work and design improvements. The distinctive guitar logo and branding was created by designers at Pepperdine University.

Special thanks to Sharon Devol, Parkening’s personal secretary, and Dave Thomas, of Arioso Classics, his longtime friend, for their support in documenting the legacy of a man who has become a national classical music treasure.

Design Challenge

Today I’ll attempt to incorporate some elements to make a third design idea for a famous recording artist.

Speaking with the musician’s secretary, I floated the use of WordPress to upgrade everything to a content management system so other people can upgrade information without the need for special software. She seemed OK with the idea conceptually and will make inquiries about the current FTP hosting company about whether they support WordPress or not. We’ll see.


Today I created this WordPress (WP) blog to showcase my designs. I plan to do this for select clients using WP password protections.