I arrived in southern California in 1985 by invitation of a friend, married a California girl, and prospered.  It was  a wonderful 18 years. A Christian, I’m active in my church, and volunteer at a two local teaching ministries. I used to teach photography and have  been a publisher, mainly high tech, for years. Retired, now I like supporting friends in their artistic endeavors.”  – Christopher Allan Weaver, editor.

Christopher has built on over 35 years of knowledge and skills learned in high-tech industries, emerging as a technical editor at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California, for which he served about 18+ years as a contractor and staff editor.

In retirement, Christopher encourages small business friends in projects and a few marketing strategies he learned in the university, seminars, and personal research.

  • B.A. degree in Organizational Management, The Master’s University, Newhall, California
  • A.S. degree in Technical Writing, North Shore Community College, Beverly, MA
  • Diploma, Montserrat School of Visual (now Montserrat College of Art), Beverly, MA


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